Successful management within the maritime environment requires a deep understanding of your context and objectives. Expert analysis, critical thinking, a sound assessment of risk and disciplined decision-making are the essential elements for success.

Maritime Risk Consulting

Navigatus are leading experts in the field of maritime risk analysis and management. We have significant operational knowledge and practical experience, having completed important and complex maritime related projects for regulators, ports and naval clients. We have advanced technical capabilities, push boundaries and continue to develop innovative, dynamic solutions for our clients.

Engaging independent risk management experts with domain experience gives stakeholders assurance that risks are properly understood, profiled and managed, and actions are prioritised appropriately.

Our independence paired with our considerable sector knowledge and experience, enables us to identify fresh insights and opportunities that may otherwise go unrecognised.

There are countless risk management tools available. The use of tools neither optimised for the problem at hand, or that have the rigour required for the maritime environment, can at best lead to misleading results, sub-optimal or even unsafe decisions.

We have the knowledge to ensure the correct tools and methods are implemented to achieve optimal outcomes. These proven methods elicit effective communication and/or escalation of issues and key decisions as necessary.



Analysis is about building understanding. It is a way of cutting through complexity and getting to the real story. Analysis supports decisions at operational, tactical and strategic levels – it can be qualitative or quantitative, depending on the nature of the challenge.

Key questions are often: what could stand in the way of success? How do we know we’ve considered everything? Where should we direct our effort? What might the future look like? Selecting the right approach to analysis is critical to answering such questions.
Navigatus is experienced in building analytical frameworks that use the best available information. We combine research, statistics and expert knowledge. Our analytical approaches provide an objective means of evaluating all factors to ensure that the important issues receive appropriate focus.


Maritime Pilot Operational Safety Assurance

For a number of years, the maritime industry, and in particular marine pilots, have looked to aviation for ways to improve performance and safety. By creating a product that is able to capture, analyse, display and report on the data gathered during pilotage, MPOSA has opened the door for the maritime industry to make similar advances in navigational safety and operational performance to those made by similar products for aviators.

More about MPOSA

Oil Spill Risk Modelling

Navigatus has developed a mathematically rigorous but user focused online oil spill risk model to support oil spill risk assessments and the planning of mitigations. We call this “Osprey”. This service benefits from many years of development and has been proven internationally.

Based upon experience undertaking advanced oil spill risk modelling and assessment for national and state agencies, Navigatus has developed the Osprey oil spill risk profiling methodology. The underlaying analysis methodology takes into account the many variables that influence oil spill risk including, shipping and production activity, navigational risk, vessel profile, types of oil carried, regulatory oversight and environmental conditions.  The likelihood and spill size is combined with detailed environmental and social consequence modelling to produce a detailed and accurate risk profile

The advanced geographical analysis underpins an on-line user interface that enables communication and investigation of oil spill risk at a strategic level and, by means of simple drill-down methods, allows users to understand the causes and hence how to either mitigate risk or plan and manage the oil response planning and preparedness.


Harbourmaster Services

Maritime risk profiles are increasing as ports respond to the need to accept more and larger vessels and society’s tolerance for the consequences of mishaps lessens. These trends are leading to increased liability and expectations of councils and greater demands on the harbourmaster function.

At the same time there is an increasing expectation for harbourmasters to engage regularly with stakeholders and to be available 24/7. This can result in maritime staff coming under constant operational pressure with little time to implement systemic improvements and to stay abreast of evolving trends and technology.

Navigatus offers services to provide regional councils and other maritime risk-holders with the confidence that their maritime risks are well managed. Our team can bring a breadth of professional maritime, technical and regulatory knowledge developed supporting Maritime NZ, ports and regional council across the country to supplement in-house capability.

Navigatus assistance can be engaged on a project basis or as an ongoing programme of support. Benefits of our services include:

·       Knowledge in depth to aid developments and decision making
·       project-specific resourcing enables busy harbourmasters to focus on their routine duties
·       cover for leave, illness and staffing shortages
·       Incident support and backup
·       additional assurance afforded by independent advice

Engaging Stakeholders

Interdependence between stakeholders is a key feature of the maritime sector. All industry participants depend on other highly specialised stakeholders who contribute their expertise to ensure the successful continuance of the overall system. The levels of complexity and specialisation are such that no single organisation can be successful in isolation.

A key to successfully taking opportunities and overcoming challenges is facilitating understanding between stakeholders and making it clear how changes in one area can influence another. Bringing knowledge and expertise together from different groups is vital to ensuring the success of almost any project.

Navigatus has considerable experience working with management and staff of ports, harbourmasters service providers and regulators. We pride ourselves on having the technical and organisational understanding to communicate effectively with each of these stakeholders and on having the ability to incorporate specialist knowledge into the overall picture.



Communicating Risk

Risk information is inherently complex and difficult to communicate. This is made more challenging by the need to reach different audiences and at appropriate levels to inform managerial or operational actions.

Navigatus has developed fresh and effective methods of communicating to engage audiences at all levels. Through innovative approaches, we make new insights accessible and actionable.