Maritime Pilotage Operational Safety Assurance (MPOSA)

Supporting High Performance in Pilotage
From trainee pilot to Chief Executive, MPOSA delivers the insights to make informed decisions and build confidence

Whether you are a port operator, pilotage service provider or regulator, MPOSA is the premiere big-data analysis solution you need to meet the ever increasing expectations for safety, efficiency and assurance.

Taking a lead from aviation

Deeper insights based on proven methodologies

Protect your reputation, safety record and performance

Taking our lead from aviation

Taking its lead from aviation’s proven methodologies, MPOSA provides the maritime industry with a much needed platform to analyse navigational performance in pilotage waters. With the maritime industry often looking to aviation for ways to drive performance and safety, it follows that the most advanced developments in aviation navigational performance methods underpin MPOSA’s methodology for capturing, analysing, displaying and reporting on data gathered during maritime pilotage. Setting required navigational performance (RNP) criteria, for instance, and using high-integrity data to measure actual navigation performance (ANP) are proving as valuable to aviation as they are set to be for the maritime industry.

Deeper insights based on proven methodologies

MPOSA analyses a pilotage team’s actual navigational performance against clear criteria. Using advanced analysis of positional data alongside detailed ship-specific information, environmental inputs, port navigation plans, and navigational performance criteria, the platform supports continuous improvement programmes and hence safety by:

  • Providing data intelligence for evidence-based decision-making regarding port utilisation and dredging optimisation
  • Supporting precise, repeatable, and safe navigation
  • Monitoring trends
  • Identifying risks
  • Identifying the effect of environmental and vessel factors and procedures.

Protect your reputation, safety record and performance

Using advanced statistical methods, and in conjunction with data generated by PPUs or AIS, MPOSA will analyse and measure navigational performance for you over time.

This will enable and / or inform you about:

  • Your passage planning for all types of vessels under all environmental conditions
  • Training and currency programmes
  • Trends and safety analysis
  • Team-performance management
  • Your compliance monitoring
  • Safety assurance and improved assessment of operational safety margins
  • Channel design
  • Dredging programme optimisation
  • Consideration of operational limits / criteria
  • Your evidence-based decision-making for continuous improvement.

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