Navigatus are leading experts in the field of maritime operations, management and analysis. We also specialise in business risk, safety management assessment, and analysis across vessel, port, harbour and naval operations.

The Challenge

The maritime industry satisfies global and national needs - it connects people, delivers missions, underpins supply chains and makes our world possible. This is no easy task. Increasingly technology-driven, multifaceted, and subject to the demands of the marine environment, there is limited room for error. The industry comprises a diverse group of specialised stakeholders who must each fulfil a vital role in the overall transport system. Added to this; the constant need to meet complex compliance requirements and the vagaries of the weather create significant operational, maintenance and human challenges.

To be a successful player, you have to be on top of your game at all times. The demands on agents, shipping lines, customers and regulators are unrelenting. Sub-optimal performance can have significant potential flow-on effects. The challenge is to operate, advance and grab opportunities within this complex and dynamic environment.

Navigatus thrives on the complex challenges that arise in the maritime industry. When opportunities are presented, we help you navigate uncertainty and strive to enable you to achieve your goals. Whether you are a ship owner, port operator, harbourmaster or a regulator, or you are in the area of technology development, we support you to understand risk and step forward with confidence.


Service Principles

Our values define everything we do:


We demonstrate integrity through behaviors and advice given – by doing what we say and giving the facts respectfully and in confidence.

Client Focus

We always aim to deliver outstanding client service – by endeavouring to stand in your shoes and striving to understand your world.


We strive for the long-term wellbeing of the environment, our clients, business, staff, and all others we interact with - by delivering sound and robust advice.